Nowadays most of the times our day starts from using digital screens and most of the work pattern involves working at a computer for long hours. Excessive use of computers results in visual problems like redness watering of eyes etc and is called as ‘Computer vision Syndrome’.

• Working continuously on computer without break
• Improper distance from screen
• Improper sitting posture
• Improper illumination at work place
• Infrequent blinking of eyes- leads to dryness
• Continuous near work on screen- leads to convergence spasm and cause headache and blurring of vision
• Preexisting dryness and uncorrected refractive error

Signs and symptoms
• Headache
• Blurring of vision
• Redness, watering, irritation of eyes
• Double vision
• Eye fatigue
• Neck pain or shoulder pain
• Increased light sensitivity

Treatment of Computer Vision syndrome
Only small changes in the lifestyle help to avoid the syndrome-
• Limit screen time
• Take frequent breaks and Follow 20-20-20 rule- every 20 min, take break of 20 seconds and look at the object at 20 feet
• Proper lighting conditions at work place
• Ensure proper posture-
• Ideally PC screen should be 15-20 degree below the eye level and 20-28 inches away from the eyes
• Wear proper spectacles. The contact lens uses should be limited as they aggravate dryness tendency and increases strain on the eyes