Liposuction means removal of body fat by using a suction device. (Alternative terms – Liposuction, adipoaspiration, lipolysis, power liposuction).
Liposuction is the commonest cosmetic surgical procedure performed in the world.

The primary goal of liposuction is to remove fat from areas where undesirable and unpleasant amount of fat has accumulated, in such a way that a nice pleasing shape is created after the surgery.
Liposuction is not synonymous with weight reduction surgery.
How does it work?
The body fat at room temperature is fluid in nature. Negative pressure is created by application of vacuum to bring down the boiling point of fat. The fat vaporizes and can be easily aspirated as mixture of fat vapor and fluid. This negative pressure is created by suction machine, and it is then transferred to the fat by customized cannulae. Same cannulae are used for aspirating the fat. This process ruptures the lipocyte or fat cell killing it in the process.
These cells cannot redeposit fat in that area.
Liposuction can be performed under local, regional or general anesthesia.
We strive to provide you safe, pain free surgery with minimal discomfort. After preparation and draping for surgery a solution containing ringer lactate and adrenaline is infused in the areas selected for liposuction. Once sufficient fluid is infused, we wait for ten minutes and start liposuction.
There is very minimal damage to important surrounding structures such as blood vessels and nerves. There is significantly reduced blood loss as compared to conventional liposuction.
The procedure takes several minutes till the fat is broken down and gets emulsified.
This fat is then suctioned. If significant drainage is not expected the wound is closed by sutures. The area is covered by compression dressing fixed using paper tapes. After shifting to your room, after full recovery from anesthesia, allowed food intake is allowed.
When suction in excess of 5 liters is performed then it is safer to stay in hospital that night to ensure proper recovery and take care of problems in case they arise.
You can experience soiling of dressing with blood stained fluid, which may require repeated dressing changes.
Though worrisome, it is normal part of the procedure.
When the wounds are sutured generally there will be no discharge from the wounds.

Take plenty of rest. Avoid exertion or strenuous exercise. There will be some soreness and significant discomfort if the liposuction procedure involves multiple areas.
Pressure garments may become tight and painful. If it is unbearable, garments can be removed for a short period of time.
Do not be alone as far as possible.
Take medication regularly as advised.
Drink plenty of fluids like juice, coconut water etc.