Contact lens is light weight corrective/cosmetic /therapeutic medical device which can be worn directly on the cornea.
Contact lens can improve your vision as well as your appearance (personality)
Patients with refractive errors such as Myopia, Hypermetropia & Astigmatism has to use spectacles, those who do not want to use spectacles then can go for the contact lens.

Contact lens are provides better peripheral vision more than spects. Contact lenses are ideal for sports & other outdoor activities.

Additionally they are used in such conditions like keratoconous, prosthetic or cosmetic purpose.

Types of contact lens
• Soft contact lens

  1. Monthly disposable
  2. Conventional
    • RGP (rigid gas permiable)
    These lenses are also two types
  3. Spherical
  4. Toric

Before using contact lens, you have to get complete eye examination by ophthalmologist whether contact lens can use or not use.

Once contact lens have been prescribed before using, our experts will teach you about care & how to fit it and use it

Contact lenses are also available in different colours also.

Instructions for handling contact lenses-
• Wash your hands before handling contact lens
• Do not use any soap containing cream, lotion oil or perfume.
• keep nails short, filed & clean
• contact lens rinse with recommended solution
• Soak contact lens in disinfecting solution.